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Patterson, Robert. "History of the Ohio Institution for the Education of the Deaf and Dumb." In Histories of American Schools for the Deaf, 1817-1893. Edward Allen Fay, ed. 3 volumes Washington, DC: Volta Bureau, 1893.

Page 40

Principal of the School; resigned in 1892, and has since been Superintendent of the Public Schools of Wooster, O. Robert Patterson was born in Oakley, Fifeshire, Scotland, December 11, 1848. At the age of four, his parents emigrated to his country; was a pupil of this Institution from 1859 to 1865, when he left to enter the National Deaf-Mute College at Washington, D.C.; upon his graduation in 1870, he became a teacher in this Institution, which position he held continuously until appointed to his present position in 1890.

Stephen Russell Clark, the present Superintendent, was born at Meadville, Penn., September 13, 1836; attended the Alleghany College, of which his father was the President, and was a student at Mt. Union College when the civil war broke out; enlisted for three months in a college company which was assigned to the 86th O.V.I., being elected Second Lieutenant; re-enlisted for a six month's call in 1862, as First Lieutenant in the Fifth Battalion O.V.C.; re-enlisted for three years in the 13th O.V.C. as Captain, was promoted as Major, Lieutenant Colonel and Colonel; was assigned to the Third Brigade, Second Division, Cavalry Corps, Army of the Potomac, and participated in that command in all the engagements from the Wilderness to Appomattox Court House; was admitted to the Northern Ohio M.E. Conference in 1872, filling various pulpits for eighteen years; was appointed Chaplain of the State Girls' Industrial Home, near Delaware, Ohio, in 1889, which position he held when elected to his present position in 1892.


The Clionian Society, having for its object improvement in "Sign Elocution, Composition and Debate," was organized in January, 1869, by the pupils in the upper classes, and has since been in continual existence. Since the year 1880, 215 members have been enrolled. The society has a private library of 283 volumes for the use of its members. The officers for this term are:
President, Clara Runck
Vice President and Treasurer, Albertus Wornstaff
Secretary, Georgiana E. Lamson
Librarian, Carrie F. Lingle
Assistant Librarian, Alber W. Ohlemacher
Trustees, E. J. Scott, C. W. Charles and W. H. Zorn

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