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Login is a website devoted to biographical information about Deaf Americans through the early 20th century.

This site contains a database of information which researchers -- genealogists and historians -- can use to find a more complete picture of this oft-overlooked population.

The database is filled with facts about Deaf individuals and their families. These may be facts about births, deaths, marriages, admissions to Deaf schools, etc. They can be anything in a person's life. Each fact has a source citation, which allows researchers to evaluate the relevancy to their research problem and lead them to the original source of the information.

DeafBiographies is a growing database, with new records added on a regular basis.

DeafBiographies now contains more than 10,000 records!

Researchers are encouraged to enter their information into the DeafBiographies database via this website. The collaborative effort between researchers and the administrators of DeafBiographies results in a very useful resource.

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